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For me art can be almost anything. So what is `fantasy art`? Is`nt all art fantasy or imagination? Even contrived, realistic, `picture like` paintings have a sense of individuality provided by the artist. This is the beauty of art. It could be as subtle as the smile Leonardo painted that wasn`t really there, or as vast and obvious as the universe. Whatever the scale the outcome is the same: CREATION.

So with this note I welcome any type or scale of art so long as it creates rather than destroys. I hope you enjoy viewing the artwork on



ART FOR SALE: JAG's work can be described as dream state expressions hence the name FANTASY LANDSCAPES...Prices start at 2.99p for hand signed A4 gloss prints which is amazing value for images of this

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Abstract Jag

Abstract Jag - Abstract Art by Jag: Here you can find some of Jag's earlier abstract landscapes, where the energy in nature is emphasised by the use of lines and colour...

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Abstract Sea

Abstract Sea: One of the four in a series of abstract drawings by JAG. Here we have a large shark-like fish in the middle of the drawing. All around it are lines of energy running through the purple

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Abstract Fall

Abstract Fall: the flow of nature in art. This image is one of four oil pastel drawings of the flow of energy in nature by JAG...

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