ice girl by jag


I decided to share these images here since my daughters take such pleasure in them I thought others would. Of course they may be slightly biased as they were involved in the making of it and it remained standing in our back garden for almost a week (a very cold week).

This snowwoman was originally going to be your usual everyday snowman and was stared off by my son who was having some trouble and asked me for some help. Naturally I obliged but I just could not help myself. I could not think of anything more boring than making a common snowman, and before I knew it I was sculpting a female out of the ice. When my son realised what I was doing he suddenly lost interest and went humbly back to his games console, which is often his closest companion.

Never mind, I lost the interest of one, and gained the interest of two. As soon as he left my daughters noticed what we were making and with their assistance I completed the 'Ice Girl' as you can see.

This was my first and only attempt at ice sculpture or any other kind of sculpture work as I usually make oil paintings which you can see on the FANTASY LANDSCAPES page. This work came about by chance and took approximately 1hr and 40 minutes to complete.

When finished it stood 1.4 metres high and was made using ice and twigs which all lay in my back garden after a severe snowstorm in February 2009.

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