Abstract Land by Jag

Abstract Land by Jag (medium - oil pastels): An abstract interpretation of the flow of energy in nature and all things. The use of colours and lines in this painting are intended to give the feeling that everything is a part of everything else and is alive with fire and motion. Even life underground gets a little coverage here as you can find in some of Jag's later work such as in the 'Simplicity of Creation' which you can see by clicking the link below or in the Fantasy Landscapes section of this site. Although this is also a landscape, it is in a very abstract form, unlike Jag's other work which is a combination of abstract and surreal art. Whatever you see from this work, we hope you enjoy it.

Both the original and prints of this work will be for sale soon both here on this site, and on the Saatchi online site.

Abstract Land in the 'Simplicity of Creation'